Convert Terran Date to Temuairan Standard Time (Deoch Time)

This utility will allow you to convert any Earth date (i.e. "25 Jun 2001") to a corresponding date in Temuair. It is as accurate as the Aosdic clock, which is to say, within 16 Temuairan hours. Hopefully the accuracy of this tool will improve over time.

Dates must be between December 31, 1998, at 4:00pm and December 31, 2037 to be at all meaningful.
Time should be entered as 24-hour time.
Make sure to select your timezone from the pulldown menu.

Convert Temuairan Standard Time (Deoch Time) to Terran Date

This utility will reverse the process, and convert a time in Temuair Standard Time (TST) to an Earth date with the timezone that you specify. The same warning about accuracy applies here as it does with the Deoch Time converter.

Enter a date in the form of Deoch, Moon, Year between Deoch 1, Moon 1, Day 1, 1 AM and Deoch 313, Moon 3, Day 7, 7PM.
Again, be sure to select your proper timezone, and the hour should be entered in 24-hour format.

Current accuracy (2001.06.09):

Temuairan Standard->Terran - within 2 Terran hours.
Terran->Temuairan Standard - within 16 Temuairan hours (2 Terran hours).