The Temuairan Clock

Yes, that wacky clock is back! As a free service, provides a Temuairan clock (the same one provided Way Back In The Day (TM) by Mide Province) for use on your homepage. The clock is a graphical one, and will return a JPEG image when used.

To set up the clock:

Cut and paste this HTML into your webpage, and you'll be all set.

<A HREF="" ALT="Kedian's Temuairan Clock"> <IMG SRC="" BORDER=0> </a>

This will produce the following clock:

Kedian's Temuairan Clock

You may modify the HTML, but the clock image must link back to I get a perverse kick out of having people link to a page with no content (maybe that'll change someday).

This clock may not be used on any commercial page without permission - Unless, of course, you want me to crush, crush, crush your head.