The Runic Terran Temuairan Clock

As a free service, Runic Terra provides a Temuairan clock (the same one provided originally by Mide Province) for use on your homepage. There are two ways to set this up: 1) using server side includes (SSI), which is a text-based clock, and 2) using a simple image tag (IMG), which will display a graphical clock.

Using SSI
If you have SSI access on your webhost provider, you can do something like this:

<!--#exec cgi="" -->

This will return text, such as "Deoch 5, Moon 4, Day 7". You can wrap standard HTML tags around this.

Using an image tag
Cut and paste this HTML into your webpage, and you'll be all set.

<A HREF="" ALT="Runic Terra's Temuairan Clock"> <IMG SRC="" BORDER=0> </a>

This will produce the following clock:


You may modify the HTML, but the clock image must link back to the Runic Terra page.
This clock may not be used on any commercial page without permission.

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