Today, we gather here, through the gift of Deoch.
We gather here to celebrate a union.
Two Dreamers, two sparks, two souls,
Today they come together to walk in unity.

Let us come together, under the canopy of angels,
In the custody of the Trinity,
to see these two beautiful sparks reunited,
to meld into one whole.

Today, we invoke the three gods of the Rational Trinity.
Luathas, who gives us divine knowledge,
Cail, who gives us harmony and peace,
Gramail, who gives us order and the realm of law.

I invoke the Trinity, in the name of Luathas, my patron.
Give this union gnosis, to know the other completely;
Give this union harmony, to withstand all trials;
Give this union order, so it may be remembered in eternity.

So as it is with Twila and Drakkarim,
So let it be with all Temuair.
Knowledge, harmony, order, peace.
So let it be done, in the name of the Trinity.