Ar Beannachd Air Seo La

This was a poem I presented to Rookerin and Hollie (before Hollie went completely insane) after their marriage in Mileth in Deoch Four. Aosdic is a fiendish language to learn and use: careful researchers will realize the translation is not really correct or "scholarly" in any way (although I did spend a significant amount of time preparing this attempt at a correct translation). The invocation for Luathas and his trinity to bless a marriage may seem strange, but what union would not wish to be blessed by knowledge, harmony, and enlightenment?

Listen to my heart, love.
I am lost without you
The great love in my life
Guide me forever
Be with me, forever.
Eist le mo chroi, gaol.
Ta me caillte gan tu
An gra mor i do gaol
Treoraich mi chaoidh
Bigi liomsa mi, chaoidh
We come to this place
to declare our love;
May it last forever,
May it outlast the gods themselves.
Sinn thig chun seo aite
chun cuir an ceill ar gaol;
Faod e mair chaoidh,
Faod e lean air seachad deibh iad fhein.
On this day, I look at you
radiant in your alabaster gown,
My love overwhelms me.
We are now complete.
Air seo la, mi amhairc aig thusa
lainnireach an agad fionn gun,
Mo gaol cuir fo smachd mi.
Againn a an iomlan.
Luathas and the Trinity,
praise these two lovers,
may their union be praised and adored by all,
may their love be seen by all that pass,
may all dreamers be as lucky as these two.
Keep them safe, O Luathas,
and bless them on this special day.
Luathas agus triuir,
mol iad seo dithis leannan,
faod am aonadh moltar agus trom-ghradhaich seachad iomlan
faod am gaol faictar seachad iomlan sin bealach,
faod iomlan Aislingiche cho fortanach ri iad dithis.
Gleidh iad sabhailte, O Lhuatha,
agus beannaich iad air seo araidh la.

The poem and prayer written in Lunar Hand, the ancient Aosdic script.

The poem in Lunar Hand