Aisling Confused by New Element

Kedian was rather agitated and confused at the Medenian changes to the Temuairan magic framework. At the same time, he challenged others to match his skill in the arts of the True Goddess Eris: Wacky. I daresay Swanberg was involved.

Here's another one for ya. Can you match it?

While your wacky is still putting pants on, my wacky has taken a boat to Loures, smacked Bruce in the face with a mackerel, given Bentic a vicious wedgie, put bombs in Oona's bread and married a kobold to a blind warrior.

En garde.



Rucesion, Loures Kingdom (TN) - Leading wizard Kedian Ta'Null was rumored to be "damn confused" by the recent announcement by Medenians that there is, in fact, two other elements that no one has ever heard of.

"What the hell did they say? Nature, and uh...metal? What kind of element is that? Wait. Are you serious? I'm not just drunk again? It is Deoch 36... right?"

Ta'Null remained convinced as of this writing that the elements were, in fact, made up by a drunken sailor and sold to Medenians as the real deal.

"Yeah, I'm so totally sure that the Medenians have managed to discover TWO OTHER ELEMENTS that not only did we not find in ten thousand plus years of research, but also eluded the best Aosdic wizards. Right. Nature, and Metal. Right, right. They were hiding in the closet the whole time! Surprise!"

Ta'Nill expressed total skepticism, and advanced the theory that the Medenians are, in fact, a bunch of drooling morons.

"Well, you see - I hear the Medenians aren't very smart, so they could probably be tricked by a cunning pirate fairly easily. The whole thing is a put on, as far as I'm concerned. Besides - I don't think we'll be seeing ard metal anytime soon. What would that be - throwing handfuls of change at people?"

Local Noes scholar Frendil MacKnithen was said to be "incensed" by Ta'Null's skepticism.

"Everyone knows metal is an element! It's shiny, it can kill things, it goes clang - what else is there to know?! Mmm...shinies!!!"

MacKnithen was said to be working on a "devastating change attack" which would prove Ta'Null wrong.

"Bring it on," replied the elder wizard. "Metal? Come on. Give me a damn break! Nature, I might be able to go halfway with you on that one. It's etheric, it's a force, it's all around us - but metal? Might as well make cheese an element!"