Our Finest Can Be Yours

The Kedian Co returned to let Aislings know that a new era of Fashion and Modernity was at hand. Notice the strange omission of a motto. Wow! What innovation! The careful reader will know Exactly When this post was made. Also, I, for one, am convinced that Damiel's Boots actually exist.

Dear Kind and Loving SIRS / OR MADAM:

We here at Kedian Co once again offer you the very finest in modern goods and services. Truly a modern company working to improve the customer and the Eyes to Tomorrow, Highly Modern Community.

With that in mind please do examine our inventory and consider our offer. Remember our stalwart motto: "

Luathas Fist of Modern Apathy
50,000,000 gold

Gramail Ring of Ultimate Convincing
150,000,000 gold

Damiel's Boots
0 gold

As you can see, this season's Artifacts plan to enhance Aisling life and bring it into contact with the shocking forces of banal modernism!

Even with these items, things will continue on as normal, but at least you'll be able to go down in the height of style.

Yours Truly,

Kedian Tassadar Ta'Null
Grand Requisitioner
Kedian Co, Ltd, Inc, TpA