The Octave

A philosophy class given by Kedian Ta'Null, Guest Lecturer, at Mileth College

Fall, Deoch 166 ((September 4, 2019 @ 9PM Pacific))

Hello, and welcome.

For those of you who don't know, my name is Kedian. I have been a wizard for a very long time, and along the way, also a philosopher, among other things.

If you are looking for art, or some other are probably in the wrong building.

Now then, if you'd like to ask a question or have something to say, please whisper me.

If you have been to some of my other lectures, I apologize.

This is the same subject: The Octave.

I have a few others I am preparing but Merisa asked me to give this one again, and here we are. Now. Many of you are likely aware of the Octagram, and the alignment of our gods. I won't waste your time with that. Suffice to say, the Octagram proceeds from Deoch, the giver of the spark, to Sgrios, the taker of it.

The Octave, however, represents that journey - a journey we all make, in all of our worldly endeavours, from heady Inspiration to quiet Release. As we travel through life, we are very often reminded that history, and indeed time itself - is a wheel. We exist in a cycle of explosive inspiration that must in all cases proceed to a conclusion - a release.

Let us take a look at how the Octave, this journey, begins. Similar to the octagram, we find ourselves in the company of Deoch.

We are inspired. Regardless of our endeavor, we form an idea. We wish for it to make a mark, however minute, on our world. Compassion and Balance allow us to shape what we bring into the world. Compassion gives us the best form for its reception.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, shouting is not generally a way to get anything heard.

Balance lets us shape it into the form most likely to succeed. As you all know, if we force an idea, or use violence to communicate it, the meaning is lost. Instead of an idea, now we have an Idea, and the Idea's Resistance.

Meanwhile, with Gnosis, or really, Knowledge, we come to an understanding of the meat of the thing.

What are we attempting to do? How shall we do it? Where and when?

With Wisdom we can start to have an inkling as to how it will be received. Is this the craziest thing in the history of the world? Or, is this an idea that will shake the very foundations of knowledge?

Then we come to Fortune and Courage.

If you have ever performed in front of others - I daresay similar to what I am doing currently - you well know the part that Fortune and Courage play in securing outcomes.

Lastly, we come to that end of the Octagram that so many love to fear: Sgrios.

In the Octave, Sgrios is associated with release.

I wish to speak of this briefly. Many people claim Sgrios is evil, but this is not so.

Chadul, yes - a horrible shambling mess from outside time itself; but Sgrios, no.

Simply put: all endeavors must conclude.

All octaves end. Even us Aislings know well that we too must die. Whether through exhaustion in combat or simply because our spark dulls and dims, we too, conclude. Even the heartiest of us "die" and rise again. A new cycle begins. And, frankly, each and every one of us can speak a name that simply vanished, their spark leaving us forever. Release. All things. Let go.

What is life without the certitude that it too, concludes? A meaningless game to be played forever? No. This is not so.

The lives of Aislings progress in a similar way. Our own personal octaves begin and end throughout the natural course of our lives. Our years begin with the inspiration and compassion of Spring, followed by the balance and knowledge of SUmmer, flowing to the wisdom and fortune of the fall; and finally, the courage and release of Winter.

Let me give an example. In the spring we are released from the grip of Winter. We go outdoors, we partake in the Sun once more, we dance and play. We have a newfound compassion for others as the Sun re-energizes our very souls. We are alive!

In the summer, we find a balance, as the Sun may in fact become too hot or oppressive. The pendulum swings backwards: regardless of the burns on our skin, we still may yet enjoy lovely nights and swimming in rivers with a special someone. And we have bursts of knowledge, and effort, that lead to lively discussions or discoveries. This, however, cannot last.

In the fall, a wise man prepares for the cold, the crunch of feet across snow. If fortune blesses us, we find ourselves with adequate supplies to make the winter pleasurable. I feel, by definition, this must include chocolate in large amounts.

The winter generally challenges us. It feels unnatural; a lack of life itself. We find the courage to continue on, to keep going; to believe in renewal. Yule symbolizes this release and summation of the year, and the cycle begins again.

This cycle can be found in all our works and thoughts. Our lives, our relationships, our politics, and our guilds. No man or woman can long escape the nature of the cycle.

It is instead our challenge, as Aislings, to reinvigorate ourselves and others for the beginning of the next. History is littered with the shattered husks of those who attempted to short circuit this process - or to exempt themselves from it. The Anaman Pact, that madman Jean in Loures - nothing but misfortune and gibbering madness lies down the hallway of attempted immortality. In truth: the octave cycle lives on and on.

Eight Deochs makes a full trip, as you may know. But wise men know too, that this, is part of another larger cycle, and another; and another. Eight by eight Deochs, or 64 Deochs; it was once even said among the Aosda that the completon of eight "major octaves" would begin a great renewal (For us, that would be every five hundred and twelve Deochs).

I've been alive for two and a half major octaves. Truth be told I might be here for two and a half more. Will we meet here again one day at the conclusion of a great cycle? Or are we called to different paths? Only time will tell.

In conclusion.

Don't be afraid to let go. The greatest trauma an Aisling can face is trying to swim upstream; to fight and ignore the cycle; to refuse the wheel the room and authority to make its natural transit.

Do we cling to behaviors that would be best left aside, in our childhood?

Do we force relationships to continue that are in desperate need of renewal?

Do we cling to patterns and thoughts, and cower for fear of being flung into new and confusing places?

Release. Let go. Onwards. Forward is the only direction.

A wise man once said, "We come to know of magic when it is magic time, and not one moment before."

Thank you for listening.