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Welcome to Dark Ages, Atavism Testers!

Congratulations! You have been selected for the third phase of testing. It's a pleasure to have you all to test and begin the seeds of society within Dark Ages.

What you are getting into is a testing version, which does not contain all the features of the full release. You'll hear more about features as their development proceeds.

When you downloaded you obtained a link to the bug form. If we cannot find out what it is that you found that's wrong, we couldn't fix it. . It contains a link to the Known Issues

You'll note very few quests this early in testing. The society itself is you and all your fellows.

Happy to have you all. Invite fellow role-players to apply for the later stages of testing.

Dave Kennerly
Dark Ages Director

Schedule You'll receive tester ID and password when testing begins. Keep it safe from loss or theft!

99.02.01: Atavism Age begins (refining, some expansion). Final phase of testers admitted.
99.02.1x: Optional character wipe (optional, wipes class and abilities, requested via NPC in game)
99.02.1x: Atavism Age II testers admitted
99.02.2x: Optional character wipe (optional, wipes class and abilities, requested via NPC in game)
99.03.xx : Service launches (exact date undetermined)

Optional character wipes takes all attributes, spells, skills, level, class, leaving experience and items. An NPC will accept requests for optional character wipe. News will be sent when that is available.

As testers you'll have access to price discounts if you register before service launches, and are not barred from testing.

The rules are simple:

1. Roleplay. (I know you're good at this)
2. List all bugs and major imbalances. Don't exploit bugs/imbalances.
3. Add your energy to the world. No computer can substitute the human imagination's power to believe.
4. Don't disclose anything about Dark Ages without written permission from Nexon until the Atavism Age, when most major issues will be settled.
5. Don't share your account.
6. All the standard legal schmegma ( you saw it in the contract before the application )

During testing no services are provided. Nexon is solely working to make the game the best, and will be doing things like password reminders, account changes, replacing items lost to bugs, or any of other services.

You won't run into Nexon staff in Dark Ages. Nexon is unable to respond to your messages under most circumstances during testing.